Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amazon Smart Search Uninstall Help - How to Manually Delete

Are you annoyed by Amazon Smart Search bar? Don’t know how to get it off? The malware redircts you to random sites when searching on it? What is Amazon Smart Search? Even you have the advanced security tool installed, Amazon Smart Search cannot be uninstall? How to manually delete Amazon Smart Search?

Amazon Smart Search Description

Amazon Smart Search is a browser hijacker virus that pretends to be a useful search engine. Malicious as it is, Amazon Smart Search provides misleading search results that go straight to advertising sites. It has upset you very much by constantly delivering torrents and has put the computer into a poor condition. 

  1. Amazon Smart Search appears as your homepage without your knowledge
  2. It corrupts system files to override the system resource
  3. Computer performs poorly with slow startup, slow response speed and slow web visit 
  4. The screen freeze frequently and the antivirus gets stucks
  5. Amazon Smart Search offers unwanted add-ons, plug-ins and ads pop-ups
  6. It may allow the remote control for insecure data exploitation 
  7. It installs other viruses automatically for greater money scam
  8. Amazon Smart Search blocks all your online reequipments and completely takes over your browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  9. It silently adds a lot of links into your browser favorites.

How to Get Rid of - AOT.IM Search Toolbar Uninstall

Some complaints about 

  • why does keep blocking my progress?
  • When trying to access my facebook last night, a new window pops up with I am unable to now access facebook with this window overriding my access. What can I do?
  • What is and why is it spaming me? On Google Chrome every time I try to open a window, it goes straight to However, this site never loads. I have no idea what this site is or why it keeps coming up?

Do you have the same problem?What is How to remove? (AOT.IM) is a browser hijackers/toolbar application that mainly blocks your normal access to the favorite sits like Facebook, google, yahoo etc. automatically pops up every you open a window. As a nasty redirect virus, changes your homepage and keep taking over your internet activities. It is a very dangerous site that you need to stay away from. Normally, this malware changes the system DNS setting to load the annoying torrents like pop-ups, add-ons, plug-ins or advertisements. If you are unable to access the desirable webpage due to, you should keep reading the fix the problem immediately.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Live Security Professional Virus - How to Uninstall

Basic Information of Live Security Professional

Live Security Professional is a fake security tool that recommends the users to purchase its version. The malware displays fake scanning results, pretends to detect a lot of computer threats including Spyware, Tracking cookies, Virus and Adware. It is defined as a rogue anti-spyware which can help nothing. As a fake security program, Live Security Professional can be distributed via a various ways, such as suspicious websites, unsafe downloads, spam email attachments or other Trojans. Normally, Live Security Professional automatically boots when the windows is opened then it would display the alert massage like this:

Your computer is infectedDetected spyware infection! 
Click this message to install the last update of security software!
Warning! 38 infections found! Last scan detected malicious programs (6), viruses (22), adware (2), spyware (6), tracking cookies (2) It is highly recommended to remove these threats from your computer immediately!Live Security Professional Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet!"

Live Security Professional is a virus and very harmful to your computer.

 Once installed, Live Security Professional would automatically drop additional computer threats, take up a lot of system resource, slow down PC performance, change the homepage etc. Live Security Professional is a malicious program that has put the computer into a poor condition. Besides, Live Security Professional has been used by hackers to collect financial information for dangerous exploitation. This power virus needs to be removed immediately to avoid more damages. 
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Easy Way to Remove European Cybercrime Centre Virus - How to Terminate

European Cybercrime Centre Description 

European Cybercrime Centre virus is a tricky ransomware used for cyber crime. Normally it aims to scam your money by blocking the computer. When enters inside, European Cybercrime Centre wuld stop you from using the computer. European Cybercrime Centre comes in a boot without trouble and it pops up a image telling the computer has been blocked due to the violation of copyrighted law. Paying the fine of 200 GBP seems to be the only way to unlock. The main point we would like to confirm: European Cybercrime Centre is one scam and it has nothing to do with governmental association. If the computer has been blocked by this European Cybercrime virus, you may firstly ignore the warning and get it off with effective solution.

European Cybercrime Centre Shortcut 

Is that possible to remove European Cybercrime Centre by system security tool?

As a powerful scam virus, European Cybercrime Centre is quite capable of modifying system default setting, such as Firewall setting, Antivirus properties, registry utilities, to protect itself from being removed. No wonder that European Cybercrime Centre is a critical threat that attacks owners all around the world. To be more specifically, European Cybercrime Centre is variant of FBI MoneyPak and Ukash Virus. If you have been hacked by European Cybercrime Centre, please read the following guide to take it out with a manual approach as quickly as possible.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Get Rid of - Virus Removal

 The common Knowledge of ( is a search engine virus that has been attached with your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is identified as a browser hijacker that may do damages on computer data and uses’ private. As a pesky one, appears as google, yahoo and bing search sever. With its good interface, computer users feel hard to realize it is a virus. When gets insides, would make troubles without your permission. So what is the best solution to get rid of Read more and firstly lets see what changes have been created by this malware.

  • It is very slow to start the windows, play the game, browse a website and run a program
  • The search results are replaced by unknown advertising sites
  • The startpage/ homepage automatically appears as 
  • The browsing activities have been monitor and there are a lot of unwanted pop-ups 
  • The computer performance is very poor 

How to Manually Delete Safe Saver Ads - Safe Saver Uninstall Help

Safe Saver ( SafeSaver) is regarded as an adware program that gets inside without your knowledge.Once installed, SafeSaver would have changes for unknown purpose. 

  1. Safe Saver Properties has been attached to the famous browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  2. Safe Saver ( SafeSaver) comes along with annoying pop-ups
  3. Safe Saver changes system default components by deleting or adding new files and registries.
  4. Safe Saver is bounded with other unsafe sites that provides unwanted advertisements
  5. Safe Saver results from a variety of add-ons and plug-ins
  6. Safe Saver toolbar appears with the browser extension without your consent

Be clear that SafeSaver can deliver unexpected risks without your knowledge

It is an unwanted adware program that attempts to gather confidential information, track your browsing habits, damages the system security, which would be used by hackers for money collection. Even thought this malware promotes coupons via a pop-up box on Ebay, Amazon, Walmart other other shopping websites that you are visiting very often, we still hight recommend to uninstall Safe Saver before it arouses too much risks.

Computer Has Been Blocked by Department of Justice Virus - Department of Justice Scam Removal

Do you have a virus called Department of Justice? You need to pay $100, $300 or $450 to unlock your computer? Can do nothing on your computer? I didn’t do anything illegal. Is this the real police? What is the best way on Department of Justice Removal?

Department of Justice Asks a Feed of $100, $300 or $450 - Your Computer Have been blocked Virus 

United State Department of Justice (DOJ) generates from FBI MoneyPak family that uses the governmental name and logo to deceive computer users in America. Similar to the Homeland Security virus and ICE Cyber Crime Center virus, Department of Justice locks the computer with easily modifying the startup setting without your knowledge. The main point is that computer users need to realize that Department of Justice is one scam. Do not pay the charges to unlock the computer because Department of Justice (DOJ) has nothing to do with the real police association.

Once gets insides, Department of Justice (DOJ) would stop you using your computer  by immediately blocking desktop screen in a boot. No matter how hard you’ve tried, you are not able to use task manager, nor the desktop. Department of Justice displays the scary massage telling that the computer has been blocked due to the violation of Copyright and Related Rights Law and illegally using or distributing copyrighted contents. To be more trustworthy, the alerts offer the computer’s IP address, host name and even turns your webcam. Even thought you seem to be messed up but this virus, Department of Justice (DOJ) still can be effectively removed without paying the fines.

How to Get Rid of - Uninstall Tool

Read the following post to learn how to remove is a horrible browser hijacker or toolbar that appears as a search engine sever like yahoo, google and bing. However, this Searchboxes malware offers fake search results and redirects your requirements to other unwanted adverting sites. Undoubtedly is a result of browser extension that installs other rookit codes without your knowledge. It mainly affects Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once installed, would put your computer into a low quality. Computer users need to realize how risky the condition is and get rid of as soon as possible.

 What would be delivered by

  • A lot of unwanted ads pop-ups
  • Malicious add-ons and plug-ins
  • A variety of Trojan virus (key logger), worm and spyware.
  • Hackers’ remote control 
  • Numerous browser toolbars 
  • New desktop icons and image 
  • Slow Internet performance
  • Frequently freezing computer screen 

Friday, July 26, 2013

"This program contained a virus and was deleted" Alert - How to Fix

Are you informed by "this program contained a virus and was deleted" when trying to download something online? No matter how hard you’tried, "this program contained a virus and was deleted" virus stops you from downloading the files from email or attachments? How to fix?

General Information About "this program contained a virus and was deleted".

Type: rookit virus 
Alert level: Severe 
Targeted Browsers: Internet Explorer 9/ 10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Targeted OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows8

Computer users need to recognize that "This program contained a virus and was deleted" is a virus infection and it makes troubles on your download process without your permission. Each of you download would be blocked by "this program contained a virus and was deleted" without your knowledge. Here is its shortcut on Google Chrome:

The common complaints:

NO.1 I have IE 9.  Last week I would get the message "this program contained a virus and was deleted".  It won't let me download any upgrades, etc., as well as Kindle books, or anything from Microsoft.  Other programs began acting wonky. I still can't download anything, including files from email attachments, which leads me to believe this is an Internet Explorer issue.  I've reset IE to original settings, which didn't work.

NO.2 The problem I'm having now is that every time I try to download a file I get the message "This program contained a virus and was deleted". I've scoured the web and tried resetting the IE settings. I installed IE10 as well but that did not fix it.

"This program contained a virus and was deleted" brings damages 

  1. This program contained a virus and was deleted is able to automatically install other Trojan, Worm and spyware
  2. This program contained a virus and was deleted expose your sensitive information to the public site
  3. It modifies system key registries for its harmful penetration
  4. Computer antivirus cannot effectively terminate This program contained a virus and was deleted malware
  5. It completely takes over the browsing activities and displays a lot of unwanted advertise pop-ups 
  6. This malware allows remote control and it aims to exploit your money 
  7. Resetting the IE setting cannot help at all.

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How to Completely Get Rid of Browser Defender - Browser Defender Uninstall Guide

browser defender Description 

Browser Defender is distributed as an unwanted toolbar program that appears on your browser extension. It is used to completely take over the famous browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. As an adware application, browser defender protects your from surfing your favorite websites like Facebook, MSN, yahoo etc.

Is browser defender legitimate?

browser defender has its official sites but it seems to offer a lot of advertisements with being promoted by the third parties. Normally, it comes bounded with free software downloads. The main point is that browser defender has strongly affected the browsing activities by causing such annoyances ( listed below)

  1. Get stuck with computer startup
  2. Slow PC performance 
  3. Irritated adware pop-ups 
  4. The homepage keeps being redirected to random advertising sites
  5. browser defender mainly attacks windows based operation system like Win7/8, XP and Vista. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Remove - Easy Way to Block Ads

Are you irritated by a popup named News.Net? It appears in start-up and displays adverts on the right of your screen with a windows of supposed news headlines from around the world? So what is News.Net? How to block pop-ups?

How to block ads? is distributed as a adware application that constantly displays ads. The program is not so friendly and appears everywhere when using the computer. Even thought is not malicious as a malware, this one strongly affects your computer by providing unwanted hyperlinks, numerous pop-ups, unknown softwares etc. Weirdly, ads cannot be detected or blocked by system security tool. Upon such circumstance, upsets the computer users very much. So what is the best way to remove if it is not a virus? Continue reading the post and get rid of immediately.

Before we starting the removal procedure, let’s see the problems that you may come across because of

  1. is promoted by internet extension and automatically pops up without your approval.
  2. The windows performance gets hooked with a lot of annoying ads (add-ons and plug-ins) that have been created by
  3. The computer running is in a low quality with slow start-up, slow software opening and slow browsing 
  4. The browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are performing poorly
  5. changes the homepage/startpage to its own site
  6. The harmful intruder still can popup even the internet is not connected.
  7. This malicious adware cannot be removed from Add&Remove list

The common complaint:

"I have this news pop up thing that continually pops up on the right side of my screen. I've right-clicked it and my options would be: Headline app OFF, Hide news, Opacity. And none of them work, even if i click on the first one, it will go away, but then it just pops back up again and i can't find it in my applications to be able to uninstall it. and not only is it annoying but when i'm not connected to the internet, it still pops up but only as a thing telling me it can't access it because i'm not connected. please help"

Guide to Manually Remove - B1 Search Uninstall

What is ? ( is search engine virus that delivers unwanted ads pop-ups without your notifications. Once gets inside, B1 Search would block your search reequipments and take over the favorite browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Normally, is identified as a browser hijacker which has been installed without your knowledge. As a pesky malware, it can be distributed via unlicensed downloads, hacked websites, open email attachments. Undoubtedly it has been attached by the third parties that provide unwanted ads for money exploitation. virus brings annoying advertising sites has the ability to make trouble on the computer performance. It takes up a lot of computer resources by dropping other junk contents, Trojans, spywares, which put the computer into risky condition. Malicious as it is, offers fake search results, appears as the homepage, provides unwanted random advertising sites and steals your privacy for money collection. The common changes have been brought by is slow PC performance, slow start-up, unwanted icons, new desktop image and annoying pop-ups. To avoid more damages by extension, it is highly advised to uninstall B1 Search virus as soon as possible.

Guide to Manually Remove Search Donkey - How to Stop searchdonkey Ad Popup

What is Search Donkey (searchdonkey)? Basic Review.

Search Donkey (searchdonkey) is distributed as a free application that annoys computer users very much. Similar to other unwanted programs, Search Donkey navigates your online activities by displaying a lot of ads pop-ups which cannot be stopped by system antivirus. Recently more and more computer users identify this program as a malware because it has malicious changes on the compromised computer. Let’s read the list of symptoms listed below:

  • Homepage has been altered without any notifications
  • The internet browsers show strange pop-ups 
  • The search results are changed and keep redirected to random advertising sites
  • Computer performance is in low quality with slow startup, slow internet and low response speed
  • New icons and new desktop imagine has been put without your knowledge
  • Annoying error massages and warnings 
  • The Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have been completely taken over.

How to Remove Delta Search - Delta-search Virus Uninstall Solution

Delta Search bar has taken over your internet browser? Don’t know how to effectively get it off? How to disable Delta Search? Delta Search Bar Snapshort:

What is Delta Search ( Redirect Virus)?

Delta Search appears as a search sever bar that is identified as browser hijacker. It is also known as Delta Search virus, Delta virus, or that mainly affects the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Commonly your homepage/startpage will be changed into and all of sudden your online activities are annoyed by numerous unwanted ads pop-ups. Delta Search bar is not similar to google, yahoo or bing which is very trustworthy to computer all around the world. However, Delta Search provides fake search results that go straight to random advertising sites. It is clear that Delta Search have been created and used for cyber crooks. The following symptoms you may come across: slow PC performance, unwanted pop-ups, high CPU, freezing screen, unknown icons etc. Unfortunately you get infected with this toolbar virus, you may delete it from your computer as quickly as you can.

What would Delta Search do to your computer?

When gets inside, Delta Search changes the default registries to cause trouble on your internet explorer. Even thought you have installed advanced antivirus like AVG, MSE, Norton, none of them would work properly to deal with Delta Search virus. It comes along with a second new tab when the browser is opened. The search engine may automatically install other Trojan, adware or spyware. As a malicious program, virus attack your browsing histories for horrible money exploitation. With promoting a variety of third parties like freeware, software or other unwanted software, this search engine virus navigates your sensitive information and never stops displaying the irritated add-ons and plug-ins. It is strongly advised to uninstall Delta Search Engine virus as soon as possible.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Get Rid of - Sweetpacks Virus Removal Guide

Sweetpacks virus has completely taken over your browsers? How to disable?

Sweetpacks virus is a harmful browser hijacker / toolbar and it has its domain : This malware may be installed by accident when you are using the computer improperly. Normally, appears to be a search engine sever that provides convenience like google, yahoo and bing. However,  Sweetpacks malware offers fake search results that completely are redirected to random advertising sites. With keep displaying popups, virus upsets owners so much. It automatically appear as the startpage/homepage when the web page is opened and it cannot seem to be uninstalled from browser extension. is quite malicious that needs to be removed without hesitation causes slow internet, freezing screen, high CUP occupation, annoying popups, unwanted icons etc. More specifically, create a slow circumstance for computer performance. It drops junk contents and malicious spywares like Trojans, worms, computer-locked viruses to completely monitor your computer. Besides, it changes the system DNS settings to cause the constant redirections. Moreover, keeps bringing pop-ups, which is quite annoying. The essential point is that virus aims to exploit your sensitive information and it allows remote control. The goal is quite obvious, this malware is used by hackers to collect money.

get professional help now Removal - Easy Way to Terminate Yahoo Develop YQL Console

Do you have problems with Yahoo Develop YQL Console? Some common symptoms

  1. The homepage gets redirected to
  2. The browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safaris are mainly affected by
  3. displays a variety of ads pop-ups 
  4. provides annoying add-ons 
  5. slows down PC performance
  6. offers fake search results 

 Are you having the same problems? Keep reading and fix. 

What is Yahoo Develop YQL Console? Yahoo Develop YQL Console can be one of the brand of Famous Yahoo. But more and more computer owners consider it as a virus because it is installed without any permission and this malware promotes free software downloads that may contain Trojan, worm or other spywares. As a stubborn redirect malware, changes windows registries to drop its own fils and random codes to protect from being removed. Normally, it is distributed as a browser hijacker that is used for commercial purpose. Furthermore, this redirect virus may track your browsing histories and habit. Even thought the redirect problem happens occasionally, it is suggested to get it off from your computer as soon as possible.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

MyPC Backup Uninstall Guide - How to Effectively Get Rid of MyPC Backup

Is MyPCBackup a malware?

MyPCBackup (also known as MyPC Backup) is a software that offers cloud-based file storage services. But recently more and more computer users identify this program as malware because it is installed without any permission, while it is difficult to uninstall and MyPC Backup keeps putting ads and warnings.Although MyPC Backup is not so friendly, it  has its own official site and it is properly reputative.

Generally speaking, MyPC Backup seems to provides a quick file-storing for many companies and individuals. Besides, it may come along with Optimizer Pro installation. Still there are some users considering MyPCBackup/MyPC Backup program has low ethical standard. It is hard to declare what MyPC Backup really is.

With promoting online data PCBackup service, MyPC Backup program seems to be trustwothy and piratical. Computer users can easily download it from its official sites or its affiliate sites like cnet. However, many owners prefer to terminate MyPC Backup rather using it. Keep reading and uninstall MyPC Backup by yourself.

How to Get Rid of Sponsorship Popup - Sponsorship Ads Removal

Is your computer annoyed by Sponsorship? Do know what it is?

Sponsorship is identified as malware program that pops up irritated advertisements without your consent. As a nasty browser hijacker, Sponsorship completely takes over your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with providing numerous add-on ads that are appearing as the browser extension. If you have found the critical Sponsorship adware issue, you may strongly worry about your sensitive data. Normally, the presence of Sponsorship has been created and used for cyber criminal that aims to scam your privacy for money. It would have been installed when you are browsing hacked websites, downloading unverified softwares or reading junk email attachments. As harmful as it is, Sponsorship corrupts your computer with damaging windows registries, modifying the utilities and alter the DNS properties. Sponsorship malware needs to be removed immediately without hesitation.

Sponsorship has changes on the infected computer

  1. Slow internet: slow startup, slow browsing, slow program-opening, slow shutting down etc.
  2. Unwanted programs:unwanted redirections, unwanted ads, unwanted pop-ups, unwanted icons etc.
  3. Modifications: key registries, DNS setting, internet provider, firewall setting
  4. Malicious exploitation: sensitive privacy, banking account information, credit card massage, passwords.
  5. When installed,Sponsorship appears as your homepage without your knowledge. It accesses silently to follow your browsing history to guess your online habit, so that it can collect valuable information quickly or further destruction.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Webcake Uninstall Tutorials - How to Completely Get Rid of Webcake Ads

Webcake/Webcake3.00 is quite irritated

  1. Webcake appears automatically when a browser is opened 
  2. Webcake results in browser extension and it can’t seem to be uninstalled from control panel
  3. Webcake is quite stubborn and it has changes on the infected PC to affect the normal performance
  4. Webcake takes over the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome 
  5. It alter the familiar homepage and brings annoying pop-ups 
  6. The nasty infection slows down the computer surfing speed and put it into a undesirable condition.  

What would Webcake do to mess up your computer?

Webcake is distributed as an adware application that sneaks into your computer without your knowledge. It exploits system’vulnerability to show tracking cookies only for illegal collection. It  gathers valuable information from users and affects your browsing activities with adding or deleting harmful registries. This adware program causes redirected problems and installs other computer threats to mess up the infected computer. As a pesky infection, Webcake malware takes up system resources by introducing other junk contents. More specific, most of the computer owners need to experience such situations like slow internet, freezing screen, high CUP usage and a variety of unwanted softwares that have been installed automatically from random advertising sites.

About Webcake Removal:

Webcake is a big threat to the computer because it allows the remote operation and exploitation. To completely get rid of Webcake, manual approach is badly needed.

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Adware Generic5.AAFE Removal - Manually Delete Adware Generic5.AAFE Virus

Adware Generic5.AAFE Virus Description:

Adware Generic5.AAFE is categorized as an adware program that accesses into your computer via other Trojans, public websites, spam email attachments and malicious downloads. Normally, Adware Generic5.AAFE frequently displays advertisement pop-ups that strongly affect the normal PC performance. Similar to other adware program, Adware Generic5.AAFE virus modifies the DNS utilities to reduce the browsing quality. Undoubtedly this malware is promoting the affiliated sites for some commercial purpose, it is quite annoying and every victim would work hard to deal with the following symptoms.

  1. The homepage is replaced by unwanted advertising sites that automatically pop up without your notifications.
  2. It is installed without your knowledge and it comes bounded with free software downloads which may contain Trojan, spyware or other malware. 
  3. It constantly shuts down the browsers and slows down the PC performance speed.
  4. Computer screen freezes constantly and it gets stuck when starting windows, playing games, opening a browser or shutting down the machine.
  5. The unwanted and unknown icons are installed on the desktop

What would be done by Adware Generic5.AAFE to mess up the computer?

Adware Generic5.AAFE changes the default registry settings and automatically introduces additional infections. It cannot be removed by any security tools. All you can be informed is that the antivirus like AVG keeps reporting and removing the virus with no success. It is promoted by hackers all the time to exploit your personal information for money attack. It is what a hacker would do. Adware Generic5.AAFE is used easily to completely take over the computer without your precaution. The longer you keep it, the more confidential recourse would be stolen for cyber crimes. To avoid malicious remote control, Adware Generic5.AAFE virus needs to be removed immediately. 

About Adware Program Removal:

Before process the removal procedure, it is suggested to backup your sensitive data like photos, work record or other authorized contents.  However, no antivirus would work properly to stop Adware Generic5.AAFE popup. To completely terminate this malware, a manual solution is required.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Magnipic.exe Removal - Manually Terminate Magnipic.exe Virus

What is Magnipic.exe? 

Magnipic.exe is a pesky progress that is promoted by hackers to cause mal-functions of infected computer.  Magnipic.exe is identified as a hazardous infection that has the ability to create PC poor performance, like slow speed, unresponsive browsers, constant freezing and computer collapse. This Magnipic.exe virus would make chaos without your knowledge.

Some Complains about Magnipic.exe problem:

A: MAGNIPIC.EXE EMERGENCY! ruining my computer!Please help me, i dont know how this happened, but my computer is INFECTED with magnipic and i can't close anything or open anything most of the time.

B: Two hours ago my Google Chrome froze and when i tried to close it, everything froze and I had to restart it with a button on a computer. Before that I managed to get to the task manager and saw a bung of magnipic.exe's. After that I googled it and found out it is a virus.

Do you have the same problems? Please keep reading to get your issue fixed immediately.

Magnipic.exe is used by hackers to have illegal changes on the infected computer for cyber crimes. It modifies system key utilities by adding or deleting the files and registries. However, Magnipic.exe cannot be removed by any antivirus. Thought you have some knowledge of computer skill, it can be rought time to deal with Magnipic.exe virus and the attached problems. 

  • Computer gets stuck with starting up windows, opening internet browsers, playing games and shutting down process, which means the infected would run quite slow because of this Magnipic malware
  • Homepage gets redirected to unwanted advertising sites with a variety of  annoying pop-ups   
  • Unexpected CPU problem with going up to 100% occupation
  •  Unwanted icons have been created and the desktop imagine is different without your permission
  • The security tool reports more virus attacks.

What is the best way to get rid of Magnipic.exe virus?

Magnipic.exe is associated with PUP.Adware.Magnipic and it is an extremely harmful threat. The longer you keep it, the more problems would be caused. It is clear that Magnipic has the ability to drop other Trojans, malware or spywares, which would be dangerous to your sensitive data, like personal photos, notes or banking information. It must be removed immediately before it completely takes over your computer.

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Remove Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK Completely and Manually

Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK Description

Threat Type: Trojan Horse
Risk Coefficient: High Level
Targeted OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Window8.

Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK is a stubborn Trojan infection and it is a variant of Trojan Horse Generic33 family that causes a serious of problems without your permission. Once gets insides, Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK changes computer properties by adding or deleting system files and registries. As a dangerous computer infection, Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK aims to collect confidential and valuable information for illegal exploitation. It is very common that the computer is infected with some Trojan when using computer improperly, but it is not suggested that just leave it alone. As we all know, the Trojan virus has been created and used by hackers to get money. Hence it is advised to terminate Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK as quickly as possible.

What problems would be aroused by Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK Virus?

  1. Slow internet with getting stuck on starting up, browser opening, game playing, computer shutting down procedure.
  2.  The personal startpage is replaced by annoying advertising pages and all online search requirements are redirected to random sites. 
  3. Computer’ performance is in a low quality and the surfing environment has been changed without any notifications.
  4. AVG antivirus or other security tools keep removing the virus with no luck, Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK comes  back again and again after a reboot

Important Note: 

Please do not hesitate to delete Trojan Horse Generic33.CDPK virus from your computer. Be noted that it is able to extra your privacy to public platform for illegal purpose. Therefore, it is suggested to terminate Generic33.CDPK as soon as possible. To completely get rid of Generic33.CDPK virus, you may consider an effectively manual solution because the common security tool would not work properly to help by the end.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

$Recycle.Bin Virus Removal - Easy Guide to Terminate $Recycle.Bin

Basic Information of $Recycle.Bin Virus

$Recycle.Bin belongs to the nasty Trojan threat that attacks Windows PC users all around the world. Normally it is installed without your knowledge when using computer improperly. It is very tricky that escapes from any detections. The infected may perform poorly as long as it gets insides, such as slow PC performance, computer freezings, high CPU and annoying ads redirections. Besides, $Recycle.Bin virus has changes on the compromised computer like homepage provider, firewall setting and registry utilities. With being an aggressive computer threat, $Recycle.Bin shows cookies to track your online history and habit for illegal purposes. Classically speaking, $Recycle.Bin was firstly reported by AVG antivirus or other installed security tools like MSE, Norton, Avira etc. One thing we need to inform: none of these antivirus has the ability to remove $Recycle.Bin virus. To thoroughly terminate $Recycle.Bin virus, a manual method would be needed to analyze its random locations so that it can be permanently gone from your computer. Unfortunately you are one of the victims of $Recycle.Bin malware, it is strongly advised to remove it as quickly as you can.

According to the analysis of users’ complains, $Recycle.Bin virus is capable of revealing users’ private information into social networking which would lead to unexpected hackers attack Besides, the virus can automatically act as a key logger that seriously makes the urgent situation. Remove $Recycle.Bin Virus Now.

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How to Effectively Get Rid of xVidly - xVidly Toolbar Uninstall Tutorial

xVidly toolbar Removal

xVidly is a browser hijacker and it appears in a form of toolbar. It is a big threat to your computer because it promotes unlicensed downloads, untrusted files and unauthorized hyperlinks. It is distributed as a fake application that modifies the registry setting of your computer. Once it installs, it would do as much damages as it can. It is highly remanded to uninstall xVidly toolbar as soon as possible.

How bad xVidly is? The following symptoms you may come across

  1. xVidly is installed without your notifications.
  2. xVidly hijacks Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 
  3. xVidly pops up immediately when the browser is opened
  4. xVidly malware slows down the computer running speed and constantly shuts down the browsers
  5. Computer screen frequently freezes
  6. It may install other unwanted free softwares to create extra icons on your desktop
  7. This malware would track your online habit and exploit your banking accounts 
  8. It would automatically drop additional computer threats

Some complaints:

a: I have something called xvidly that comes up on my google search page. It seems to be a virus because I can't see in listed under programs in the control panel in order to delete it. 

b: When I try to unistall it nothing happens. I ran a Malware scan and nothing was found. But, I still have this Xvidly listed in my Programs on my Control Panel.

c: xVidly by Jottix has locked up my computer. How can I remove it from my computer?

As a adware infection, it comes with browser extension and has been regarded as a severe one. It aims to attack Windows users like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. is a big threat that needs to be removed immediately.

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