Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Do I Remove BetterSurf virus - Guide to Delete Ads by BetterSurf

"I installed Chrome on my laptop which contained the BetterSurf virus. Now the firewall is blocking Chrome from running, I had to use Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox. I had to make Mozilla Firefox my default. "

Know about BetterSurf Pop-ups

BetterSurf is a browser extension which has been installed on your computer without asking permission. It is definitely a vicious computer virus that has created web traffics to interfere with users’ browsing activities. The BetterSurf virus has been designed by hackers to exploit users’money. It attacks Windows based users from all around the world, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The malware can affect web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This program is very aggressive and wont go away after you have tried everything. Each time the browser is loaded, the BetterSurf comes out in a form or browser extension, add-on or plug-ins. Its annoying activity is relevant to the third party, which may steal users’ confidential information by tracking online habit. Without a doubt, it is not just annoying, this application makes chaos and violate users’ money. We don’t recommend leaving it in computer. Once it is installed. BetterSurf virus will bombard computer with irritating pop-up ads, cause unwanted redirections to advertising websites and install additional applications automatically. Thus, the infected computer may start acting unstable and wired. Many victims complain that browsers are taken over and freeze from time to time. Slow internet performance happen and system removal tools fail to work. As you keep it, BetterSurf malware will puts computer into a low condition by opening backdoor and allowing remote accesses. You should remove BetterSurf virus immediately and completely.