Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guide to Remove Gol search virus - Uninstall Help

Gol search virus Description

Gol search virus( is also known as ) is browser hijacker virus that is added to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox without users’ knowledge. Once executed, your browsing activities may start from a new homepage named Gol search virus. Normally, appears in a form of search engine and it replaces users’ homepage, start page without permission asked. It is a fake application. If you are searching from this program, you will get nothing but lots of pop-up ads. It provides misleading search results and redirect you to commercial sites. Clearly, Gol search virus is affiliated with the third party, earning money with unfair means. So we suggest to get rid of Gol search virussearch engine as quickly as you can.

Guide to Stop Popup - Removal Instructions

Annoyed by popup when surfing on the internet? The program has been installed without your knowledge? You cannot get rid of it with system removal tools? How do you block ads? Live Chat with Experts 24/7 Online if you need Instant Help

Basic information of is identified as browser hijacker malware created for cyber criminal. It has been designed with malicious codes to avoid removal. Once inside, may collect users’ confidential information and exploit online habit to scam users’ money. So you should remove popup on your browser as quickly as you can. Usually, is distributed via vulnerable Trojan, hacked website, suspicious downloads and junk email attachments. When you are browsing unsafely, may be installed. is a potentially unwanted program and it can cause a series of problems when executed.

  • It appears on your start page or homepage
  • It may make your computer work improperly
  • It takes over the browsers like Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • It exploits Users’privacy for malicious purpose
  • It installs other free softwares that may contain virus
  • It can easily escape from any security detections
  • It slows down Internet performance
  • It causes annoying pop-up advertisements