Monday, October 14, 2013

How Do You Get Rid of SearchAssist Virus - Search Assist Malware Uninstall

Need Help with SearchAssist virus? How to stop ads from popping up?

SearchAssist (aka is classified as an advertising platform that adds advertising links on your networks without any knowledge. SearchAssist is a program that splits into the computer for illegal purposes. It changes system DNS default setting and causes unwanted pop-up ads. Normally, it creates hyperlinks on the websites you are visiting, including Facebook, Yahoo, wikipedia and the others. Once inside, a window called is popping up whenever you are on the internet. Search Assist virus cames out for a long time and normally it changes internet words to links. Many computer users are suffering from this malware but cannot find a helpful way. SearchAssist ( is not just irritating, it breaks down system security protection and scams users’ money.

Usually SearchAssist virus comes alongside software downloads. It can install redundant applications to the computer in hopes to create cyber criminal. With aiming to make money from users, Search Assist malware would show cookies to exploit users’ internet habit. Before it takes over your computer and steals your money, you should remove SearchAssist adware timely and completely.

Do you want to get it off now? Need immediate Help?