Thursday, January 16, 2014

Infected with Win32.downloader.gen - Win32.downloader.gen Virus Removal Help

"Win32.Downloader.gen: How do I remove it? I understand this is a trojan horse. I've run SpyBot and Malwarebytes, to no avail. "

Win32.downloader.gen, also known as Win32:downloader.gen, is definitely a vicious Trojan virus that puts computer in danger. It was firstly reported by Spybot Security Tool and has been a big headache. After rooted into system, Win32.downloader.gen virus changes computer setting and adds malicious codes in order to avoid removal. This program is very risky and usually gets inside when clicking sponsored links, opening untrusted pop-up window, reading spam email, playing free game or downloading softwares. Even though it can be detected, Win32.downloader.gen keeps being activated and remains with each reboot. This virus is very hazardous and is able to spread additional computer infections. It damages system files by encrypting or deleting them. People may have notice that computer performs slowly and wiredly after infected. Besides, many legitimate progresses are blocked without users’awareness. It is very harmful and even causes blue screen of death and data loss. We don’t re recommend leaving Win32.downloader.gen virus in computer.