Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Remove Redirect - MySearchDial Uninstall

Some Common Problems about MySearchDial Search

  • has been set as your homepage without your approval?
  • MySearchDial toolbar has completely taken over the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Sarari?
  • MySearchDial automatically turns up as a browser extension when the browser is opened?
  • MySearchDial Search slows down your computer performance?
  • MySearchDial compromises your online activities with popping up a lot of unwanted advertisements/adware?
  • MySearchDial keeps redirecting you to random advertising sites?
  • MySearchDial is promoting marketing free software downloads?
  • (My Search Dial) enters into your computer without your awareness?
  • Your antivirus cannot help stop MySearchDial pop-ups/add-ons/plug-ins?

What is MySearchDial? Do you come across with the same problems? 

MySearchDial Search ( is distributed as a search bar application and has been identified as a browser hijacker virus by many computer users. Normally, MySearchDial appears as a search sever/ engine that seems to enhance your internet search activities. However, MySearchDial has become a headache because of its malicious performances. MySearchDial mainly attacks Windows based operation system like Win7/8, Window XP and Windows Vista. As a destructive redirect virus, MySearchDial is quite capable of having modifications on the default DNS setting to mess up computer properties so that it can do it job easier. It sneakily gets inside and access the owners’ sensitive information for cyber crimes. Besides, MySearchDial can show cookies to track your browsing histories and guess the online habit. Additionally, this malware comes bounded with other free software sites that may contain Trojan, key logger, worm and spyware. Please note, this search engine virus needs to be uninstalled as soon as possible.