Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amazon Smart Search Uninstall Help - How to Manually Delete

Are you annoyed by Amazon Smart Search bar? Don’t know how to get it off? The malware redircts you to random sites when searching on it? What is Amazon Smart Search? Even you have the advanced security tool installed, Amazon Smart Search cannot be uninstall? How to manually delete Amazon Smart Search?

Amazon Smart Search Description

Amazon Smart Search is a browser hijacker virus that pretends to be a useful search engine. Malicious as it is, Amazon Smart Search provides misleading search results that go straight to advertising sites. It has upset you very much by constantly delivering torrents and has put the computer into a poor condition. 

  1. Amazon Smart Search appears as your homepage without your knowledge
  2. It corrupts system files to override the system resource
  3. Computer performs poorly with slow startup, slow response speed and slow web visit 
  4. The screen freeze frequently and the antivirus gets stucks
  5. Amazon Smart Search offers unwanted add-ons, plug-ins and ads pop-ups
  6. It may allow the remote control for insecure data exploitation 
  7. It installs other viruses automatically for greater money scam
  8. Amazon Smart Search blocks all your online reequipments and completely takes over your browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  9. It silently adds a lot of links into your browser favorites.

How to Get Rid of - AOT.IM Search Toolbar Uninstall

Some complaints about 

  • why does keep blocking my progress?
  • When trying to access my facebook last night, a new window pops up with I am unable to now access facebook with this window overriding my access. What can I do?
  • What is and why is it spaming me? On Google Chrome every time I try to open a window, it goes straight to However, this site never loads. I have no idea what this site is or why it keeps coming up?

Do you have the same problem?What is How to remove? (AOT.IM) is a browser hijackers/toolbar application that mainly blocks your normal access to the favorite sits like Facebook, google, yahoo etc. automatically pops up every you open a window. As a nasty redirect virus, changes your homepage and keep taking over your internet activities. It is a very dangerous site that you need to stay away from. Normally, this malware changes the system DNS setting to load the annoying torrents like pop-ups, add-ons, plug-ins or advertisements. If you are unable to access the desirable webpage due to, you should keep reading the fix the problem immediately.