Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Can I Remove Jotzey Malware

What is Jotzey?

Jotzey is a potentially unwanted application that appears in a form of adware or browser add-on. It has been installed in computer and affects browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. By exhibiting annoying pop-up ads, this program significantly navigates the targeted computer. It is able to modify search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo and conducts redirections to advertising sites. The Jotzey malware has been utilized the third party to distribute commercial ads in pages. It keeps track of users’ online habit and collect useful information for cyber criminal. The longer you keep it, the more loss would be created.The ultimate purpose of Jotzey malware is to earn money from users. It is a misleading and untrustworthy application, which should be removed immediately once found.