Monday, August 4, 2014

Uninstall Astromenda Search Tab from Homepage - Browser Hijacker Removal

What is Astromenda Search?

Astromenda Search ( is a type of browser hijacker that can be added to browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It has been sent in a form of search engine. However, it is a potentially unwanted application. People may install this malware by accident. Astromenda Search is very different from Google, Yahoo or Bing search. It keeps giving unrelated search results and rerouting your homepage to advertising websites. No doubt that Astromenda Search has been used to support the third party. It can track on your search histories and browsing habits. You may not notice but it exploits your money secretly. Remember that Astromenda Search is a misleading browser application. Don’t use it.

Astromenda Search ( Virus Screen shortcut 


By degrading computer performance quality, Astromenda Search can trigger cyber criminal easier. Once inside, the virus changes host files and adds malicious codes without letting you know. You may see it mainly work on your browsers. To begin with, it opens itself with a new tab each time you log in windows. When surfing on the internet, the original internet requirements would be modified. You are refused when trying to access certain webpage. Astromenda Search page is definitely a phishing attack. Please uninstall it.