Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Get Rid of Hijacker - ividi Search Uninstall Guide overrides your computer and you are not able to get rid of it? Why the security tools cannot pick up ividi Search? So what is the best solution on uninstalling browser hijacker from your computer?

Basic Information of Virus Virus virus(, also known as IVIDI Search,  is a browser hijacker that acts as a search engine program. It distributes fake search results for illegal purposes. Actually we find ividi search is promoting the third party, generating annoying pop-up advertisements and web traffics. Somehow appears as your homepage and default search engine without asking permission. The present of this search sever virus can show on most of system browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It entirely take over the PC activities. Once infected by Search.ividi virus, the computer may be compromised because the malicious changes and redirections have been made. When you enter a search item on the ividi search,  you may not obtain what you want. All t he search results are linked to commercial sites which always contain key logger, cookies and Trojan, which offers the chance to exploit users’ privacy and money. The advertising websites are filled with pop-up ads banners and sponsored links, supporting unidentified and misleading online shoppings. We recommend removing malware timely and completely.