Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cannot Uninstall Windows Antivirus Master Virus? Guide to Get Rid of Windows Antivirus Master

Infected with Windows Antivirus Master virus?

Windows Antivirus Master is a new released rogue Anti-spyware that pretends to be sent in a form of security tool. It came out recently and infects Windows based systems from all around the world. It is very similar to Windows Safety Master and Windows Security Master, plays an important part on cyber criminal by locking users’ desktop and displaying fake scanning results. Simply it appears in computer all of a sudden. Each time people launch windows,Windows Antivirus Master virus shows up and starts scanning automatically, while users find it hard to close the window.  This application has been programmed by hackers for internet crooks. The virus pushes users into purchasing some activated codes in order to remove threats ( like trojan, worm, malwares) which have been detected by itself. Don’t be taken in. Though Windows Antivirus Master malware won’t go away after you have tried everything, read the following details to get it off step by step. 

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