Saturday, July 20, 2013

Magnipic.exe Removal - Manually Terminate Magnipic.exe Virus

What is Magnipic.exe? 

Magnipic.exe is a pesky progress that is promoted by hackers to cause mal-functions of infected computer.  Magnipic.exe is identified as a hazardous infection that has the ability to create PC poor performance, like slow speed, unresponsive browsers, constant freezing and computer collapse. This Magnipic.exe virus would make chaos without your knowledge.

Some Complains about Magnipic.exe problem:

A: MAGNIPIC.EXE EMERGENCY! ruining my computer!Please help me, i dont know how this happened, but my computer is INFECTED with magnipic and i can't close anything or open anything most of the time.

B: Two hours ago my Google Chrome froze and when i tried to close it, everything froze and I had to restart it with a button on a computer. Before that I managed to get to the task manager and saw a bung of magnipic.exe's. After that I googled it and found out it is a virus.

Do you have the same problems? Please keep reading to get your issue fixed immediately.

Magnipic.exe is used by hackers to have illegal changes on the infected computer for cyber crimes. It modifies system key utilities by adding or deleting the files and registries. However, Magnipic.exe cannot be removed by any antivirus. Thought you have some knowledge of computer skill, it can be rought time to deal with Magnipic.exe virus and the attached problems. 

  • Computer gets stuck with starting up windows, opening internet browsers, playing games and shutting down process, which means the infected would run quite slow because of this Magnipic malware
  • Homepage gets redirected to unwanted advertising sites with a variety of  annoying pop-ups   
  • Unexpected CPU problem with going up to 100% occupation
  •  Unwanted icons have been created and the desktop imagine is different without your permission
  • The security tool reports more virus attacks.

What is the best way to get rid of Magnipic.exe virus?

Magnipic.exe is associated with PUP.Adware.Magnipic and it is an extremely harmful threat. The longer you keep it, the more problems would be caused. It is clear that Magnipic has the ability to drop other Trojans, malware or spywares, which would be dangerous to your sensitive data, like personal photos, notes or banking information. It must be removed immediately before it completely takes over your computer.

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Step one: Reboot your infected PC and Enter into Safe Mode with networking by keep tapping F8 key before windows starts

Step two: Block Magnipic.exe  processes from Task Manager

Step three: Get rid of related registries

Step four: Remove all virus files %CommonAppData%\pcdfdata\<random>.exe

NOTE: Have you managed to locate and delete Magnipic.exe virus? If not, 

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