Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Can I Get Rid of Vio Player 2.0 Adware? Vio Player 2.0 Uninstall Instructions

I am currently on an ASUS laptop running windows 7 64 bit. I have two items on my computer that I cannot uninstall. The items are Vio Player 2.0 and PC Tech Hotline. I've tried looking through this forum, but I cannot find any fixes. 

What is Vio Player 2.0?

Vio Player 2.0 is another adware application that is a potentially unwanted application. It comes bounded with PCTechHotline that have been a big headache to users for a long time. The Vio Player 2.0 actually has no direct harms to your computer. It helps trigger cyber criminal by creating system loopholes. Usually it is lurked into computer via hacked domains, rogue downloads, spam email and suspicious adobe update. It targets computer users from all around the world. Usually, this malware affects your web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This program initiates annoying pop-up ads. Besides, it is associated to the third party, automatically installing additional applications without asking for permission. Vio Player 2.0 is very aggressive, it wont go away from your computer after you have tried everything. So we cannot blame that many uses identify it as a malware. As long as it is installed in computer it is configured to launch automatically when you log in windows. It comes out with a new tab and embeds new codes to replace all default online requirements. Victims are redirected to advertising websites and are required to download or install a software from unknown resources. Everything acts wizard because of Vio Player 2.0 adware.  Why it cannot be removed thoroughly by advanced removal tools like AVG, MSE and Norton? It compromises your firewall by changing DNS setting. Due to the fact that Vio Player 2.0 pop-up is associated to spam, it may push your sensitive information into being vulnerable. We don’t recommend leaving it in computer.

How to Remove "Name Not Available" Virus. Block "Name Not Available" Audio Malware

So, when I start up my computer, everything is fine...Until I open the internet that is. After a minute or two a random channel appears in my volume mixer with the title "name not available." It plays odd things from something like a generic radio show to t.v. shows and I have no idea what is causing it.

Basic Information of “Name Not Available” Malware

The “Name Not Available” is definitely a vicious computer virus that hacks your sound system. This malware allow auto sound running behind. But people can find nothing. It is a risky computer malware. Name Not Available virus has been programmed by advanced technology. As long as it is installed successfully it modifies computer default setting. This is why you hear strange sound each time you log in windows. Besides, it takes over your web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This malware deliver streamed audio pop-up ads in websites. However, this problem cannot be fixed by any system protection programs. The voice remains and you can do nothing to get rid of it.

The Name Not Available virus is a rootkit infection. It breaks down your security tool and adds codes to make its job easier. Simply, it is able to block legitimate progress, which helps create a system loophole. Though it has no direct harms, “Name Not Available” virus trigger cyber criminal by introducing more threats. Some cookies and key loggers might be added to spy on users’ online behaviors. The computer my experience unexpected traits if the virus stays. Contact MiTechMate PC Tech Team to Fix  "Name Not Available" In Sound Mixer Now.