Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Get Rid of Pop-up Virus

Have virus in your computer? Tried to fix this fake Java with no luck? Your computer keeps crashing down? Still searching for a good solution to get it off? How to effectively remove malware from browser?

Basic Information about Virus (Fake Java Update) is a new born computer infection that affects browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is a vicious virus. By taking advantage of system loophole, virus spread cyber criminal without users’ knowledge. Usually it contains misleading information of Java update and security condition. It requires you to update your software to avoid virus attack. However, more applications come along once you click on it. virus can be categorized as a browser hijacker or adware. People might install it by accident when surfing on the internet. But possibly it comes bounded with free software which you download from unreliable resources. So it is very important to stay away from unknown pop-ups. Once inside, this malware changes default browser provider. It keeps rerouting your online requirements. Each time you want to open the homepage or start page, site or other unfamiliar advertising page comes out directly. You may feel confused but find no clue to change it back. Besides, it uses a new tab to launch its own and always gives unrelated search results. Make sure that you know the truth. virus has been designed for internet criminal. It will steal your confidential information. Please remove it as quickly as you can. Malware annoys you very much?

  1. slows down the whole Internet performance
  2. crashes down browsers frequently
  3. makes computer screen freeze from time to time
  4. blocks accesses to other websites
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Why it is so hard to deal with? contains security codes which help avoid removal. It won’t go away and your removal tools find nothing after scanning. Aggressive as it is, this virus root deeply into targeted computer. It is able to mess up your computer by adding or deleting window registries. You are at risk of losing sensitive information and money. Virus Uninstall Help

Step one: open task manager by tapping (Ctrl+Alt+Del) together to stop process

Step two: Located and get rid of all files associated with

Step three: Open Registry Editor to eliminate all registries related to
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{6153BF3B-1444-77B6-308B-EF5C2A2E1832}

Step four: Uninstall from Control Panel
1) Click the “start” button on the lower left corner of your desktop
2) Double click the button “Control Panel” to process
3) Highlight  “Add / Remove Program” icon from Control Panel
4)Select the icon in the list,
5)Click”Remove” icon to uninstall
6) Press OK to apply the changes.

Step 5 Clean all cookies delivered by virus
*Google Chrome: Click on the Tools menu → select Options → Click “Under the bonnet” tab → locate “Privacy” section → browsing data” button → “Delete cookies and other site data” to delete all cookies from the list.
*Internet Explorer: Click “Tools” → Click “safety” → “delete browsing history” → Tick “cookies” box and click delete
*Firefox:: Click “Tools” → Click “Options” → Click “Privacy” → Click “remove individual cookies”

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