Friday, October 25, 2013

National Security Agency Virus Removal Help- How to Get Rid of National Security Agency Scam

Computer has been blocked by National Security Agency virus?

National Security Agency virus, also known as National Security Agency Central Security Service Virus,NSA CSS Virus and NSA virus, is a ransomware virus that blocks users’computer in order to earn money. Similar to other MoneyPak malware, National Security Agency virus has been designed by hackers for internet criminal. It is able to lock computer by modifying system default setting. Once infected, you can do nothing on the computer. National Security Agency virus just pops up automatically every time window starts. This NAS virus displays misleading notifications, stating the computer has been blocked due to the violation of law in the US. Normally users are claimed to distribute illegal pornographic, video, music and free softwares. One thing we would like to point out, National Security Agency virus is a trick and it generates bogus alerts to threaten owners to earn money. Please do not be fooled by NAS ransomware. This article contains step-by-step removal guide to help remove scam malware. If you need instant help now, please contact us.

National Security Agency virus screen shortcut

What is the risks of National Security Agency Central Security Service Virus?

  1. National Security Agency virus blocks all possible accesses and messes up computer entries
  2. National Security Agency virus aims to deceive off computer users
  3. National Security Agency virus may violate users’ sensitive information for unknown purposes
  4. National Security Agency virus allows cyber criminal and installs additional infections
  5. National Security Agency virus provides fake warnings and asks for money
  6. National Security Agency virus steals the name and logo legitimate authority

How to remove National Security Agency Central Security Service ransomware?National Security Agency virus requires a fee/fine of $300 to unlock the infected computer. Besides, the payment is asked to transferrer within 48 hours, with famous prepayment MoneyPak system. It has been created by hackers to make money via illegal means. It cannot be blocked or removed by Auto removal tools. To completely get rid of NSA virus, manual removal is the most effective way.

Step 1: Restart the infected computer and press F8 key constantly before Windows launches. Then highlight Safe Mode with Command Prompt, press Enter.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt, type in “explorer” and press enter. That will lead you to your desktop.

Step 3: Press Win+R key to open Run box, then type in “Msconfig” to open System Configuration Utility.
Switch to Startup tab, then uncheck strange items click Apply.

Step 4: Search and delete these files.


Step5: Uninstall all malicious entries from Registry Editor


NOTE:National Security Agency virus is a fraudulent program. It can be installed when using computer unsafely, like downloading free porn, video and other softwares. It happens if you are reading spam email attachments. National Security Agency virus, is the common issue because it attacks owners located in America. Unfortunately if you are one of the victims, do not pay the money. If you have sent your payment, please contact the related bank company to terminate the payment as quickly as you can. You should know, dealing with hackers counts nothing. Nothing gonna change after making the payment. So what you do just delete National Security Agency virus as quickly as you can.
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