Saturday, July 13, 2013

System Care Antivirus - How to Remove

System Care Antivirus Removal

System Care Antivirus is distributed as a fake antivirus programs that attempt to trick PC owners into buying the fake license. Classified as a malware, System Care Antivirus pretends to be sent as a legit antivirus that performs fake scanning and displays fake reports. There is one thing we would like to point out: System Care Antivirus is a rogue virus and the bogus notification would be used for illegal cyber crimes. Normally, the malware changes the default setting to generate such irritated performances. Most of the time it pop up immediately when you are processing any of the tasks. For example, when you are trying to visiting, System Care Antivirus may tell that it is a dangerous site to process. Besides, System Care Antivirus may cause troubles with exploiting  your private information without your knowledge and it enable hackers’ remote control, which would be a big threat to the computer data as well as your confidential privacy.

Once installed, your computer would meet troubles like slow running speed, annoying ads popups, high CPU usage, homage redirections etc. Unfortunately if you have installed System Care Antivirus by accident, it is highly recommend to uninstall it from your computer as soon as possible.

  • System Care Antivirus is installed without your notification when surfing online
  • It is distributed via Trojan, suspicious websites, malicious downloads or spam email attachments. 
  • System Care Antivirus may install additional malwares and spywares to your computer.
  • System Care Antivirus may steal your valuable data for dangerous cyber crooks.

What is the best way to remove System Care Antivirus?

To completely uninstall System Care Antivirus, a manual approach would be needed. Honestly, no antivirus can terminate this malware so far. As a result, this malware needs to be removed manually so that it can be permanently gone off from your computer.

Step 1- Reboot your computer and enter into Safe Mode with Networking. To perform this approach, please keep tapping F8 key before window launches> keeps holding F8 until you see the advanced options> select Safe Mode with Networking> press Enter to process

Step 2 - Open Task Manager to stop the System Care Antivirus process

Step 3 - Search and delete the files below
 %ProgramFiles%\Protected Search\TaskScheduler.dll
 %ProgramFiles%\Protected Search\TaskSchedulerCreator.exe
 %ProgramFiles%\Protected Search\unins000.dat
 %ProgramFiles%\Protected Search\unins000.exe
 %WinDir%\Tasks\Protected Search.job

Step 4- Open Registry Editor to erase those registries below

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