Thursday, July 4, 2013

Remove V9 Portal Site -Easy Way to Get Rid of V9 from Google

Is you homepage infected with? Do you know how destructive it? 

V9 Portal Site ( is distributed as a fake application that has nothing to do with a legit Search engine because all search results are relating to online markets. Typically V9 Portal Site is regarded as a browser hijacker virus that violently makes changes on your internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to do damages. Basically, appears itself as your homepage in a type of Search Engine but actually it is a fake one because it is a redirect virus associated with online attack. This malware can be installed without your permission or precaution that adds complicated components to execute the original domains on your DNS so that it can affect all your browsing activities without troubles.
V9 Portal Site generates from two resouces, ( and its default search engine to

What would bring to your system? The paid advertising sites would pop up automatically. Would that be the only stuff that causes? 

  • Definitely other additional threats would be dropped as well by this malware and the harmful changes on your default setting would certainly lead to the online traffic. 
  • Besides, this redirect thing would steal your personal information and track your online habit with the key logger for cyber money collection, and this is what we should avoid and the special cyber crimes need to be stopped as soon as possible.   

How to effectively block V9 Portal Site from Google/IE/Firefox?

Method one: Add / Remove Program

1) Click the “start” button on the lower left corner of your desktop
2) Double click the button “Control Panel” to process
3) Highlight  “Add / Remove Program” icon from Ctrol Panel
4)Select the icon in the list,
5)Click”Remove” icon to uninstall
6) Press OK to apply the changes.
7)Reboot your computer to make sure it works

Method Two: Remove all Registries associated with (V9 Portal Site)

1)Modifies DNS setting 
1. Click Start button-> Control Panel-> Network and Internet-> Network and Sharing Center-> Manage network connections.
2. Right-click the connection that you want to change, and then click Properties. Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
3. Click the Networking tab. Under This connection uses the following items, click either Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and then click Properties.
4. To specify IPv4 IP address settings, do one of the following:

  •         To obtain IP settings automatically, click Obtain an IP address automatically, and then click OK.
  •         To specify an IP address, click Use the following IP address, and then, in the IP address, Subnet mask, and Default gateway boxes, type the IP address settings.

2) Search the following registry entries in your Registry Editor and then remove all of them.

Remind: may violate your privacy and compromises your security without your knowledge. Even you have installed a antivirus on your computer, it is not enough to deal with such V9 Portal Site malware. If you are not very good at computer, you are recommended to ask help from an online professional expert here to avoid any false operation. 

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